KFI – 2015: A Brief Year in Review

When you are a small business, you want every year to be as good as or better than the year before. For Kingfisher, 2015 was a year of growth and prosperity – a very good year!  We hired 15 new employees, opened a second facility increasing our capacity by 50%, and performed more studies on average per day than any other year.

In January, Kingfisher opened a 5000 sq. ft. cat facility, complete with GLP PK laboratory, room for 150 cats, and office space for 10 employees. Opening and operating a second facility was a daunting task, and we quickly realized we need to develop new sample transfer procedures, documentation strategies, and employee communication systems. This facility filled rapidly; we’ve been busy with cat studies ever since.

Just because we didn’t have enough to manage in January, we built an additional 26-run dog room in our main facility. This increased our dog capacity by about 30%. Between the two facilities, in the space of one month we added space for approximately 175 additional animals! Over the year we put had three hiring campaigns for Animal Care Attendants. We hired 10 people, and we are still thinking we might need more! We also hired a 4th Study Director, and have kept him busy from day one; nothing like learning how to swim by being thrown in the deep end!

We ran 31 studies, with at least three going at any one point in time. The staff were kept very busy cleaning, feeding, sample collecting, analyzing data, QC checking, and writing reports. We met some very tight timelines, turned out excellent final study reports and raw data files and made all of our Sponsors happy (at least we think so).

What is in store for 2016?  More growth, increased efficiency, and a focus on training and continuing education. KFI is proud of our accomplishments entering 2016, and proud of the employees who will work diligently to ensure an even better year than 2015.

Amy Davidson, BSc(Hons), MBA, RQAP-GLP is the Vice President of Operations and Quality Systems at Kingfisher International Inc.