My Perceptions of Animal Research: Then and Now!

I left high school with an interest for science and I left college with a love for science. As a new graduate I was eager to find my dream career,  my dream career at the time being anything science-y… Despite falling in love with science during my 7 years in the classroom, no one ever spoke of the work that is done by animal researchers… Sure, like most people, I knew of animal research, but I had no idea what work was actually being done, the educational requirements for a job or even the companies to investigate for an opportunity. It’s almost like it is taboo to talk about animal research, the only talk I ever heard was the negative side broadcast by activists.

My first day at KFI was like any other first day… I was nervous to meet new people and I was nervous to make a good first impression. The big difference was I was also nervous because I grew up believing there were only negative connotations associated with people who work in animal research; they must not love animals, they must be evil. Now, after 3 wonderful years at KFI I am proud to say all of these thoughts have been completely abolished. Every person I have worked with, including KFI’s clients and contractors have been animal lovers. Everybody has shared pictures and stories of their beloved pets at home.

After my personal reflection, I was interested to know how my colleagues felt about animal research before they applied to KFI, and how their feelings have changed with their experience. I wanted to know if other people had felt similar to me about animal research before they started to work in the field. I’d like to share a couple of their responses with you:

“During my Veterinary Technology course my professors would discuss animal research, and I believed it to be as barbaric and inhumane as depicted in the animal activist videos. One year ago, I considered applying for a position at Kingfisher International leaving me tossing and turning: feeling uneasy and concerned of what people would think of me. Today I am a Registered Veterinary Technician who is proud to be part of the research team that helps improve and prolong the lives of our best friends!”
Cherie W. is a Registered Veterinary Technician at Kingfisher International Inc.

“Before applying to Kingfisher International, I thought all research animals would be either frightened or aggressive towards handlers because of the procedures they may undergo. Over my last year at Kingfisher International I have handled many animals and learned they all have unique personalities. They love being around all of us because of the compassion and love we give them on a daily basis.”
Robyn N., BSc., is an Animal Care Attendant and Laboratory Technician at Kingfisher International Inc.

We definitely didn’t know what we were walking into when we took our positions with KFI, but our love and compassion for animals helps us get through the good days and the bad days that will one day make everyone’s best friend live a little longer, live a little better and live a little happier.

We are just a few of the proud KFI animal researchers!

Nicholas Couper, BTD is the Laboratory Supervisor at Kingfisher International Inc. He has also worked as an animal care attendant and laboratory technician. He has a fiancé and two beautiful cats with polar opposite personalities he can’t live without.