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Coming in January of 2023 – Canine Dental Studies at KFI

KFI staff are in training to run dental studies as per the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) standards. The VOHC oversees and approves dental products aimed at reducing build-up of plaque and tartar on teeth.  Dr. Andrew Oster DVM, Director of...

KFI Conducted Feline TASS for Solensia® now Approved by FDA

A year ago, KFI announced the approval of Solensia® to Zoetis by the European Commission. We are now happy to report that this unique treatment for feline osteoarthritic pain, has been approved by CVM. This is the first monoclonal antibody new...

Introducing KFI’s newest Study Director Zahid Nasir PhD, MBA.

Dr. Nasir is a nutritional research scientist specialized in poultry and swine. Since completing his MBA for Food and Agribusiness Management at the University of Guelph in 2018, Zahid has worked as an R&D Operations and Research Manager for a...

KFI is delighted to announce the approval of Carprofen and Deracoxib Chewable tablets by the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine for Felix Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

On June 14, 2021 Deracoxib Chewable tablets were approved for use in dogs for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with OA, postoperative orthopedic surgery and dental surgery. On June 28, 2021, Carprofen Chewable tablets were approved...

KFI Construction Announcement

KFI is delighted to announce that construction on the new canine and feline housing, enrichment and procedural space has been completed and has passed the OMAFRA licensing inspection required for research facilities in Ontario to operate. The 5,000...

KFI is pleased to introduce our newest Study Director, Dr. Sarah Wright to the Study Director/Investigator team.

Dr. Sarah Wright (BSc, DVM) graduated with distinction from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2016. Prior to joining KFI, Dr. Wright worked as an associated veterinarian in a companion animal private practice for 5 years. Dr. Wright is excited for...

KFI conducts feline Target Animal Safety study for Solensia® (frunevetmab).

Solensia® is the first feline injectable mAB designed specifically for cats suffering from pain associated with osteoarthritis. The European Commission granted Zoetis Inc. the marketing authorization on Feb. 22, 2021. This once monthly feline...

KFI performs the pharmacokinetic work for FDA approved ELURA™

FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine approved Elanco US Inc.’s NADA for ELURA™ on Oct. 16th, 2020. Elura™ is an oral solution of capromorelin developed for the management of weight loss in cats with chronic kidney disease (CKD). This is the first...

KFI is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Sabina Romanescu and Renu Jeyapala to our Study Director/Investigator team.

Dr. Sabina Romanescu (BScH, DVM, MSc) graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2017. Prior to joining KFI, Dr. Romanescu worked as an associate veterinarian in private practice where she cared for companion animals. In addition to her...

KFI is excited to announce the acquisition of an additional 5,000 sq feet of space as of September 1, 2020.

Construction on new state-of-the art canine and feline housing, enrichment, and procedure space will begin this fall. “Our focus remains to deliver high quality and compassionate science to help change and improve the lives of companion animals”...

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